Visit Courting Stiles This Weekend

Map of Courting Stiles in Burbage
How to get to Courting Stiles

We all know and love Courting Stiles but some people don’t know about it, so let’s see if we can spread the word this bank holiday weekend. The weather forecast is good and it will be the perfect opportunity to enjoy the wildlife, trees and flowers.

Bumblebee on leaf at Burbage Courting Stiles
A bumble bee

If you can, go down and enjoy a walk or ride, take some friends who don’t know it, or tell them about it on Facebook or Twitter, and take pictures to share – using hashtag #courtingstiles.

If you’re feeling energetic Courting Stiles is a good starting point for a walk through to Burbage Common and Woods, or in the other direction to the Ashby Canal and Limekilns. You can get refreshments at the Limekilns, the Hansom Cab and at May’s Cafe, or a takeaway drink and snacks from the Texaco garage on Burbage Road.


Sketchley Flood Relief Basin in Burbage
Sketchley Flood Relief Basin

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